Déjà vu

As it turned out, last night's decision to stop in Jindabyne was a stroke of good fortune. On my trip down, I had seen on the local news the release of water into the Snowy River. Since the building of the Snowy Mountains scheme, it has been rare for the Snowy River to have much water in it. Whilst the scheme provided electricity and water for the Murray and Murrumbidgee River systems, it has really trashed the Snowy River ecology. I was disappointed that the weather was looking quite awful and not worth traversing Australia's high country by myself in dubious weather conditions. For sentimental reasons, I wanted to see the water flow in the Snowy River. I had forgotten that Lake Jindabyne is actually a dam, created by damming the Snowy River and as such, the release of water was at Jindabyne. Luckily the penny dropped just after leaving town and as such I quickly did a U-turn and went back for the spectacle.

From there, I headed back to Cooma, and was almost tempted to drop in on the coffee shop I went to on the way down, just to hear some 80's one hit wonders. At the MotoGP, I met a couple from Mittagong and I explained how I had tried and failed to find the back roads into Canberra. They had given me enough encouragement and directions for me to try the reverse run on to my day's target of Goulburn. So, I stopped for lunch at Bungendore and proceeded through to Tarago (around the back of the giant wind-farm and Lake George) and on to Windellama, Bungonia and onto Goulburn. The final stint, was a repeat of part of my trip some ten days before. Somehow, it seemed much more recent than that.

It was a short ride, which allowed me the time to find a laundromat and catch up on some washing before the situation became dire. I strolled around town, taking photos of buildings that caught my eye, whilst I waited for my washing to complete.

The Air-Hawk seat is brilliant, but I am discovering that even with it, there are limits to the comfort it can provide. A short ride today was a good idea!