Good roads and bad songs...


The weather was showing signs of improvement but the temperature was pretty low. The Monaro Highway is yet another road that features on many motorcyclists "must ride" list. The first half of the road, is like travelling across a moonscape. Yet again, if you have no fear for your licence, it can be a fun road otherwise the dramatic sweeping plains hold little to keep your interest.

By Cooma I was well and truly cold, so I circled the town for several minutes looking for the perfect place to stop and get coffee. I eventually did achieve my aim, and sat in the bliss of a heated shop, thawed out enjoyed my piping hot scone and tried not to sing along to the 80s music they had in the shop. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, even days later, I am getting Samantha Fox’s "Touch Me" stuck in my head. When I was a teenager, I liked that song. My tastes have "matured" somewhat since then.

Back on the road, I was caught and passed by a group of three motorcyclists. I sat in behind them for awhile before deciding I just was not happy to cruise at the speed they were. I am getting old. It was not like they were going ridiculously fast, just faster than my budget would allow had we got caught.

I stopped in Bombala for lunch and braved a corrugated dirt track to the top of the hill to take a panoramic shot of the town and surrounds.

The rest of the run to Lakes Entrance was conducted in more exciting roads, but unfortunately in worsening conditions. The run between Bombala and Cann River is what makes the Monaro Highway a "biker’s must ride" road. Endless variety of sweeping corners and little traffic. Most of the road was wet and greasy in the low temperatures, so only limited amounts of fun were to be had.

By now, the motorcycle to car ratio was tipping in favour of the bikes. It was obvious that my adventure is only one of many which revolves around the Australian MotoGP.