It is not a real adventure until you've ridden on dirt.

Pretty much every East Coast Odyssey I have undertaken has gone along The Bucket Way through Gloucester. It is lovely countryside and although the road surface does not appear to have been maintained since my first ride some 15 or more years ago I always gravitate back towards this part of the country.

Today I stopped in Gloucester for an early(ish) lunch. The main reason for making it my lunch stop was simply that I didn't know which way I wanted to go from there. There is a road through to Walcha that I believe is mainly dirt. Whilst I am no dirt-bike rider long tours see me make an exception to my "no dirt road" rule. Problem was, Walcha was not where I wanted to be. Neither was the Pacific Highway. So, I took some back roads on my way through to Wauchope and ended up traversing the dirt road through the Killabakh Nature Reserve through to Comboyne. It was corrugated and rough, although perfectly passable in a two wheel drive car. Damn you Google! Despite my feeling of isolation on this road, even the Google Street View car has been along it! There was some stunning scenery along this road, but too often it was obscured by the forest. Also, a lack of width in the road meant I didn't feel comfortable with stopping to take pictures.

After stopping in Comboyne for a cuppa I set off across the top of the mountain plain through acres of cattle farm. The green fields may be a long way removed from the lush forests they once would have been, but prettier country side is hard to come by.

The last part of the day was a run up the Pacific Highway, before detouring via Crescent Head and onto my destination of South West Rocks. I am at the point of the trip, where I have had enough of exploration. Well, I haven't really, but home is within a day's ride, if I can average more than 60kph! It is time to go in a straight line for awhile.