Tenterfield to Laurieton

Another wet start, but fortunately, this one did not last past the edge of town. The New England highway is not the most fun motorcycle road going. On and on through rolling wide open plains it goes. And so did I.

Just after Deepwater, I picked up some company in the form of a rider on a Kawasaki KLR 650(?) It was noticeably more effort for him to overtake slower vehicles or accelerate back up to speed after a town, but we kept a decent pace until Armidale where I stopped for lunch. After one more brief stint on the New England Highway until Uralla, I turned off on Thunderbolt’s Way cutting the corner to pick up the Oxley Highway at Walcha.

The Oxley Highway is often raved about in Australian Motorcycle magazines and at first I struggled to see why. It was mainly open with sweeping bends. Great fun if you have no respect for your licence, but at anything approaching the speed-limit, pretty much the same calibre as the New England Highway.

I stopped in at Aspley Falls which came as somewhat of a surprise. The slightly undulating hills gave no indication of the sudden drop that the river takes on its way to the ocean. Back on the bike and soon I saw why motorcyclists hold this road in such great regard. All sorts of combinations of high and low speed corners through stunning forests as we dropped back down to the low lying land to the East of the Great Dividing Range.

Today my great discovery was that the "c" in Wauchope is silent. I learnt that as I studied my map, looking for a likely destination for my day. A friendly local noticed me studying my maps and suggested a route to get back to the coast. He has also suggested a local look-out to look at, which I shall do, in the morning.