2013-10-16 We went for a more practical less comedic breakfast at a different deli this morning, before catching the subway down to Grand Central Terminal, for a look at this very impressive station. I took some artistic photos before we went to Moddels sports store to look for NY Giants clothing for our nephew.

From there, we made our way down to Union Square to look at ABC carpet and home. (Interior decoration store - also the workplace of one of the ladies we met on our first night in New York. She was nowhere to be found, but we enjoyed poking around at the different stalls incorporated in the shop. After this, it was time for lunch and we stopped at Pret Manger to eat. This had been quite a regular occurrence for us in London many years ago, but the first time we had set foot in one since those days!

After lunch, we split up and I set off to find a Post Office and in the process finally managed to find a coffee shop that not only knew what a Flat White was, but also made one differently to a Latte!

That sorted, I doubled back to Union Square, spent some time in a big Barnes and Nobles store then went looking for the library, that my phone assured me was not far away. I do not know what it was trying to direct me to, but I had fun wandering the streets and taking photos!

I returned to Penn station, took photos of Madison Square Gardens and the imposing USPS that is opposite, before returning to my favourite store - B & H photo and video. I tried a ridiculously expensive lens for my camera and then purchased a much cheaper polariser lens... From there, I rendezvoused with Caroline back at the hotel.

With our flight home spanning from Thursday night to Saturday morning - crossing the International Date Line and skipping Friday night altogether, we decided to do Pizza and Red Wine night tonight. But the best made plans do not always pan out and we ended up in a Sports bar and diner ordering the other staple of New York - hamburgers and fries.

We ate late, and the restaurant was not busy, so we had a great chat with our waiter about all sorts of things. For dessert, I ordered a cookies and cream Sundae - complete with a shot of Baileys liqueur - and can highly recommend them if you have a sweet-tooth.