This morning started off with clear blue skies and the expectation of a great day of sight seeing. We headed out after breakfast catching the F line to go look for the Empire State Building. Unfortunately, we ended up going one stop too far and discovering the Chrysler building instead! Not to worry - although it is not open to the public, the Art Deco building has a beautiful foyer and more than the occasional tourist who stops to admire it. (How many are actually looking for the ESB, is anyone's guess!

We suffered through another subway mishap when the promised Local (all stops) train turned out to be an express and we had to double back. However we finally made it to the building. Visitors should be warned that there are multiple tourist vendors running tickets to the observation decks and their pricing and promised queue times may be greatly exaggerated. We felt we paid too much and waited too long for our money, but we got there in the end and it was spectacular.

There was only a slight breeze and clear skies, so it was a lovely day to be up there. As luck would have it, we were there around lunchtime and when we got there, it was definitely much quieter than when we finally decided to descend.

After we came back down (and found out there were cheaper tickets) we had lunch at Wendy's- which hopefully will be another once in a lifetime experience. :-)

We wandered around and caught the subway down to the World Trade Center memorial site. It was another of those "free" places with a suggested donation. We didn't have much cash on us, so they got most of it: $5.

By that stage we were both pretty tired and had grown weary of standing all day (yet again) so we came back up to our apartment for dinner.

After some down-time, we went off to a friend's old neighbourhood and enjoyed a coffee and cake. We strolled around the streets of Greenwich Village and saw a film crew filming the Michael J Fox show. Try as we might, we did not see the man himself. All in all, a successful but more expensive day than it should have been.