We woke up at around 8:00 this morning, groggy but well rested. After showering we went across to Wallgreens for a stand-up breakfast. (Literally!)

After breakfast we checked out and set of looking for the tourist bus we had purchased tickets for. It was an open double decker bus and despite the fog, warm enough for us to sit up-top on.(possibly because we had just experienced a Melbourne winter).

I t was a hop on / hop off bus, so we alighted near Alamo Square Park, where we stopped to take the obligatory photo of the "Seven Sister" - seven Victorian terrace houses with the back drop of the SF city skyline.

Upon resuming our tour, we went via Haight Asbury and Golden Gate Park up to the Golden Gate Bridge. Unfortunately, the infamous SF fog meant, we couldn't actually see much of the bridge! Instead we took the bus over to Sausalito, poked around the tourist shops and had lunch.

Back on the bus, we headed back to Union Square and caught a cab up to our AirBnB booking. After settling in, we walked Haight St, captivated by some of the stores and their offerings - including paper weights with Tarantulas and the largest collection of Hash-pipes / bong shop we had ever seen! Like other parts of SF, the number of homeless and beggars on the street are quite confronting to see. Never really felt threatened by any, but still shocked... Our hostess, and the tour guides are quick to mention that a lot "choose that sort of life" - but it is just not what the "average Aussie" is used to seeing.

After a beer at the local, we entertained ourselves in a local supermarket looking for a breakfast cereal that appealed... With that sorted, we walked down Haight street in the opposite direction, searching for a restaurant we liked, ending up in "Cha Cha Cha" for Mexican and Sangria. Very tasty indeed!