Dinner with the girls

The group sits down for dinner at the cafe. Five girls, one guy. He is on guard, but outwardly appears relaxed. He is meeting her friends for the first time. Chivalry is shown by taking the most inconvenient seat at the table.

Most of the girls don't mind his presence. One is inwardly seething. After all, this is dinner with THE GIRLS. THEY have all left THEIR partners behind for tonight. Her own partner is FAR superior to this intruder. She is confident of herself, despite having the least reason to be. She has honed her life to perfect normality. Pick a bell curve modelling any trait of modern western culture and she sits right in the middle. For some reason, she thinks this is what everyone aspires to be.

Later, she will give her appraisal of the new suitor. "He seems nice, but I really didn't get to talk to him much."