Our first full day in New York was again overcast and muggy. As such we decided against doing the sight seeing activities that are outdoor. After breakfast and dropping off the washing we set off to master the Subway system.

We alighted the B line (insert pun here) at the Natural History Museum. Having seen more dead creatures than we could handle in Dublin years ago, we settled for the dinosaur skeletons in the foyer. Most museums etc are "free" but have a recommended entry donation. In this case $25 each. You can pay less, but I wasn't comfortable with that, despite what the ladies had told us the night before.

So, after taking in the magnificent foyer with dinosaurs, we pushed on, strolling through Central Park, over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Again, there was a suggested $25 donation, but we gave $10 each instead. We were not made to feel awkward about our decision either - which was a relief...

We saw lots of great and famous paintings there, including "Washington crossing the Delaware". Outside we partook in then NY traditional eating of hot dogs before walking down to the Guggenheim Museum. We weren't terribly interested in the artwork they had, more so just the building.

We came home then, on the Subway and Caroline went off for a pedicure, whilst I caught up on some photos and website diary stuff. Much to my annoyance, the website is buggier than I remember it being, so apologies for out of order photos!

After dinner in we took the subway down to Time Square to ogle at all the bright lights with all the tourists from around the world. It is mighty spectacular and I have yet to see a photo that does it justice!

Tomorrow looks like a nice day, so perhaps then we will do the big sites...