2013-10-17 Our last day in New York got off to a rocky start when we were awoken at 2:43 am, to the sound of the fire alarm. It was a rude awakening quite literally! Fortunately, it was also a false alarm. When we did awake for breakfast I don't really feel I had recovered properly and from there our last day seemed like hard work.

We went back to Modells to pick up the appropriate garments (having had confirmations of what the nephews wanted via e-mail) before venturing to Brooklyn. It was an ill conceived and poorly researched endeavour. We never really found anything worth the effort of getting there. We did however find lunch, before making the return trip to the hotel. For our return trip, I got very confused at the subway station where we needed to change trains and as a result only got us as far as the Rockefeller by subway. It is only three blocks from the hotel so we walked the remaining distance.

By the time we had got our bags back from the luggage store we were about half an hour behind the time we had intended on leaving for the airport. The traffic was horrendous for the drive to JFK. I suspect the cab driver used Google maps to update his route several times on the way to avoid the worst of it, but it was about a 90 minute trip by the time we reached the airport.

Mercifully, there was no queue at the Qantas baggage drop and security did not take long to clear. For once, I was not singled out for extra checks and we were at the gate with still around an hour to spare.

Thus endeth our time in New York City...