2013-10-04 For the first time since we left home we awoke to the sound of an alarm clock. Our hostess had other guests arriving, so we had to be out early. We wheeled our suitcases down to a coffee shop near the corner of Carl and Cole Streets where we enjoyed a leisurely cuppa and waited for peak hour to pass, before lugging our cases onto the tram for the ride into town.

Once we arrived in town, we took rather a long cut to walk to our hotel, to discover our room was ready for us to check in to. We had paid extra for a room with a view and were not disappointed with the vista that our 26th floor provided!

After dropping off our bags we headed down Market street to the ferry terminal. The building housed a range of delicatessens stocking a variety of fresh produce and the usual accompaniment of tourist shops.

We caught the ferry to Sausalito, making the most of the glorious weather and sitting outside. Once we arrived, we wandered the main street and then climbed the steep stairs to admire some of the grand houses.

On our return ferry run, despite the fact that this was a regular public transport service, the ferry made a slow pass of Alcatraz Island. With all the National Parks still closed, this was as good as we were going to get... Given the large number of tourists that use the ferry service, this may well be a regular occurrence, but I, for one, appreciated the gesture and took lots of photos!

Once back in the city, we walked the not inconsequential distance down Market street, back to our hotel. We made the most of our view, sipping Champagne and watching the sunset over the city. After dark we found ourselves a pizza place where we got take-out from. With that and a bottle of red wine, we went back to our room and partook in our traditional Friday night dinner.