With the forecast of clear blue skies, today was our last good chance to do any site seeing things that we had left on the list of sites to see in New York. That being the case, we set off for the Rockefeller Centre after a most amusing breakfast.

Rather than dine in the Sheraton (which would have cost a small fortune) we ventured across the road to a deli / dinner. They had some delicious breakfast items on the menu, but the three or so staff behind the counter were so busy arguing with each other, that we had no idea if they had heard our orders, or were even preparing our meals for us! It took us a couple of goes to line up in the appropriate spots and order our food - drinks were ordered at the other end of the counter and all the while, the staff were arguing heatedly in a foreign language and making hand gestures at one another that whilst foreign to us, were quite clear! At any rate, the food was wonderful, but we didn't feel the need to tip generously!

We admired the shops (including a Lego shop) in the Rockefeller and watched the ice skaters for awhile before setting off down 5th Avenue towards Central Park. Whilst high-end fashion is not really my thing, the architecture of the skyscrapers kept me entertained while Caroline admired the various clothes, shoes and handbags on offer. Of particular note for me was the Dolce and Gabbana store, that was somewhere between retail and museum. Even with a computer nerd's sense of fashion, I could appreciate the fine beauty of the merchandise...

Around midday we arrived at the south-eastern corner of Central Park, where we indulged in a ride on a horse-drawn cart. Harry (our horse) plodded along, completely at ease with the hustle and bustle of the New York traffic. Our guide pointed out several things in the way that guides do (price of the real estate, who lived where etc) before taking our photos for us. An enjoyable way to pass the time.

We lunched in Central Park and then meandered across to Columbus circle. This is at the South western corner of the park. From there we caught the subway the four or so kilometres up to the North Western corner of the park. It was noticeably quieter up this end and pretty much marked how far North we got on Manhattan Island. We did not feel unsafe here, but it definitely was less gentrified than the midtown and downtown parts of town.

We wandered the top end of Central Park, only to be passed by Liam Neeson on a power walk! From there we made our way back down towards the big lake (name?) before venturing back to the west side and catching a bus back to Columbus Circle. The bus, fighting amongst the traffic was far slower than the subway. We completed the rest of our journey back to the hotel on foot.

Being such lovely weather, after a cuppa and recuperation time, we caught a cab down to pier 81 for a twilight boat cruise down the Hudson River and up the East river - via the Statue of Liberty. It was a stunning ride!

We caught the bus back to Times Square, had dinner out (where!?) and proceeded back to the Rockefeller Centre to do "The Top of the Rock" . On such a clear night, the view was simply breathtaking.

It was a full on day - but what else would you expect from New York?