We awoke to much nicer weather and made the most of it, driving up to the seaside town of Rockport. A beautiful spot, with traditional style houses and plenty of wares for the tourists. We indulged in some salt water taffy while perusing the shops and stopping for photos.

After hot dogs for lunch we drove up the coast to Halibut State Park. A former granite quarry, the pit now has water in it and some beautiful autumnal colours on the surrounding trees. It is on the coast and a short walk down to wear one can rock-hop to their heart's content. Tammy, Caroline Lachlan and I did that, leaving Garry and Gemma to build granite towers out of broken up pieces that remained after the quarry closed.

We returned home via a scenic back road passing many picturesque steeply pitched roof houses. That night after dinner, we made s'mores in the back yard. Very tasty!