Like most things, constraints that are applied to a situation lead to compromises being made. Every time I have done an "east coast odyssey" I have had a time limit that I needed to stick to. With the 101-earplug adventure, this time limit was fairly generous.

This time around, I have a shorter time frame. As such, there are less fun roads and more of the a to b roads. But there is a limit! I won't be traveling on the Newell Highway. Too boring! Too straight! That is selling the road short. It does have its moments.

At any rate, at the end of this journey I will be recommencing work with the rest of my team, who are based in Melbourne. For this reason "The Long Commute" sounds like an appropriate journey title.

As suggested by the more direct route there will probably be less photo opportunities taken but I will endeavour to keep the journey route posted.