We had a rotten night's sleep, followed by a very early morning to get the airport shuttle bus. The flight to New York is five hours and then you lose 3 hours due to the change in timezones, so as they would say in rallying, it was a "transit stage" kind of day...

We arrived in New York to muggy weather and fog. We flew in over people playing cricket (complete in their whites) which seemed somewhat out of place! We took an airport transfer bus to Manhattan and had to transfer to a smaller shuttle at Grand Central Station. It almost went in the "too hard basket" as they were only really dropping off at hotels or Penn station, but they dropped us off on a street corner about 5 blocks from our Air BnB place and we walked the remaining distance in around 15 minutes.

The apartment lives up to the expectations you have of New York. It's small but functional in a building that could easily be 100 years old. The central hallway and staircase is undulating but once you shut the doors and windows the building is remarkably quiet. We are on the first floor and facing 15th Avenue which is a one way street and bike lane. It doesn't seem to carry a lot of traffic.

We had a brief walk of indecision, trying to determine where we should eat dinner before eventually deciding on the wine bar across from our place. It had live music playing, which made it louder than had been anticipated from the street. This meant that the two local ladies eating at the next table picked up on our accents and got chatting with us. They proceeded to tell us all the things to see and do and much to my amusement didn't ever seem to agree with each other on what was good. It made for a far more entertaining evening than we were capable of without them!

So we eventually retired for the evening with new thoughts on things to see and do whilst in the city that never sleeps.