There was always going to be a time when Caroline wanted to have a good look at the shops without feeling like she as dragging around a reluctant husband. Today was that day. There were things I wanted to look at too, that had no appeal to her. Chiefly the Intrepid Museum. I detoured via a photo and video shop to pick up a new memory card for my camera (and play with very expensive camera lenses that I would like...) then stopped at a cafe for lunch.

I caught a bus that halved the walk and eventually made it to the museum. I assumed the role of stunned tourist when I got to the admissions counter. Lots of choices and lots of money! I explained what I wanted to see, paid my money was handed tickets and other paraphernalia. With that, I set off to see some plane spotter highlights!

There is plenty of things to occupy you, if you wanted to read all the plaques and information boards, but having read my fair share of them over the years, I know how many you quickly forget! These days admiring the exhibits gets the attention, the way it should be! For me, three of the highlights were the Concorde, the A12 Blackbird (not an SR71!) and the AV8C Harrier jump jet. The blackbird was the only plane (of those 3) that I had seen before. The other main highlights were the Space shuttle and the Intrepid itself...

Despite a comedy of errors and missed communications, I found Caroline in Macy's more or less as planned. After another cuppa at a Starbucks (they really are everywhere!) we made our way down to the Flatiron building via a couple of antique places.

We came home for a short rest, before strolling the 200m or so around the corner to the Grey Dog restaurant that had been recommended to us. Its recommendation was thoroughly deserved!