Roly Poly

adj short and plumply round, as a person or a young animal1

Welcome to the roly-poly-cat! Although roly-poly insinuates the cat is short and plumply round, we use it to describe the actions of the contented cat seen at the top of this page... His name is Louie, and he is being watched on by his brother Sebastian.

They played Underworld's "Cowgirl" at the gym this morning. Always fantastic to hear a fave unexpectedly
Just watched "Fastest". I'm a Rossi fan, but that was embarrassingly biased! Some spectacular footage though and overall I enjoyed it.
The washing basket never stays empty for long.
@jacklindgren Hello there! Small world indeed. Absolutely gutted by Simoncelli's death. Such a shock. Happy my photo of him has been used.
We went to JC Slaughter Falls today, but they weren't there!
Suffering withdrawl symptoms - haven't ridden the bike in 10 days. After finishing 4000+ km ride, that is serious "cold turkey"
The sport I love to watch, showed the side we all hate to see. RIP Marco Simoncelli it was an honour to see you race.
Home sweet home!
The bagpiper just played Elvis! I kid you not!
Last day on the #MotoGP road trip. In honour of the trip, someone has broken out the bagpipes for my lunchtime music!
Robert Palmer!!! (Bad case of loving you) today's cafe music. No one singing along though...
Another perfect day for the ride home. Only two days left now. Time for a scenic detour.
Wow! Goulburn to Oberon turned out to be a brilliant fun ride. Katoomba for lunch...
I washed an ear plug...
Laundry time!
Perfect riding weather today. Stopped in Bungendore for lunch. No idea how you should pronounce that!