Roly Poly

adj short and plumply round, as a person or a young animal1

Welcome to the roly-poly-cat! Although roly-poly insinuates the cat is short and plumply round, we use it to describe the actions of the contented cat seen at the top of this page... His name is Louie, and he is being watched on by his brother Sebastian.

Got sunburned through my tinted visor! Not complaining though - beats riding in the rain :-)
@BenSpies11 Ouch! Hope you can get a good night's rest and all the best for tomorrow!
@gemmett Who are #47 and #49 in the 125s at PI? They aren't in the official program! I took pix of them and wanted to know. Thanks heaps!
Picture perfect weather at the #motogp for day 1. Trying not to get burnt to a crisp. Been an absolute blast so far!
Just picked up my tickets for the #motogp. It's official, I am very excited.
Finally, a blue sky day for my trip to the #MotoGP. Only 2hrs from Phillip Island. Wonder how long that will last...
In Lakes Entrance, waiting for dinner. Lots of motorcyclists about. Phillip Island #Motogp not far away now
In a Cooma coffee shop, occupied by grey nomads, listening to Sam Fox belting out the classic "Touch Me"
Had a great day's ride on my way to Oz #Motogp today. No rain! Made a nice change.
Day 3 of the 101 earplug adventure ride to Phillip Island #MotoGP and I might get to use my tinted visor! Hooray!
Day 1: Solo ride to the MotoGP. Keeping with tradition, the weather is looking decidedly wet for the start of my trip.
Isn't the AFL grand final a week late?
Getting the nerdy preparations ready for Phillip Island / MotoGP trip. Mobile broadband sorted, web-site nearing ready... bring it on!
First time in years that I have forgotten my glasses. Looks like I will work from home today after all. Oxide. My proudest scrabble moment. :-)
Never understood why the DVD remote would need an eject button, given you need to get up to put a DVD in anyway...