Roly Poly

adj short and plumply round, as a person or a young animal1

Welcome to the roly-poly-cat! Although roly-poly insinuates the cat is short and plumply round, we use it to describe the actions of the contented cat seen at the top of this page... His name is Louie, and he is being watched on by his brother Sebastian.

Upped the preload on the vacuum cleaner's pressure relief valve, and the front end feels much more planted.
I've just completed the #eCensus
@Alex__Briggs Last day may suck for you, but it's good news for us MotoGP junkies!
Norway - vulnerable by choice. Words by Ola. Powerful message.
Put a few photos from the Motorcycle museum up on flickr... Reminded me how over crowded with bikes it was.
Survived ice skating. First time in 7 years! W00t
loves IKEA furniture. Makes me feel like a better handiman than I really am @Alex__Briggs non-stick bbq plate!