Roly Poly

adj short and plumply round, as a person or a young animal1

Welcome to the roly-poly-cat! Although roly-poly insinuates the cat is short and plumply round, we use it to describe the actions of the contented cat seen at the top of this page... His name is Louie, and he is being watched on by his brother Sebastian.

Is it ironic to stop assembling the exercise bike to make pizza?
I wonder how much of the earth's resources are wasted in the dodgy tools you get with stuff that "requires some assembly"
The guy that makes the wiring harness on my motorbike must have much smaller hands than I do! Bloody Hondas!
Think the swimming medley races would be more exciting if each swimmer got to choose what order they swam the legs in.
@Alex__Briggs I thought eucalyptus was used as it made lots of noise before it snapped.Useful in mine shafts and brought by gold miners
Mugello looks half empty. How sad for #MotoGP
When someone paints an abstract piece and doesn't title it, I think the artist is saying "I dunno, it just felt good to throw paint"
Busking by playing a recorder should be illegal if you're older than 10.
What!? You mean we now have to take everything back out of the boxes that we spent ages filling!
RT @ThePoke: today's Daily Telegraph front page picture and headline clash is amazing
RT @tedpercival RT @TRICIL: Oh man: Really?
First test run on my RGV since restoring it. Currently it stops better than it goes. Completely opposite to when I used to race it...
*Yawn* on the 6:23 train this morning. Who knew there was a 6 in the AM! ;-)
Noah! How can the taxi queue be so long!
Sitting opposite me on the tram is a dude with a trendy hat, reading a book, taking his guitar with him. I'm hopelessly out-cooled by him...
Somehow, I equate eating at a bar seat, by a window, as a more acceptable "dinner for one" event, than when sitting at a table...#worktravel